San Francisco 49ers Alum Dennis Brown

Mission Statement

The NFL Alumni is a charitable organization composed of former professional football players guided in their volunteer efforts by the motto “Caring for Kids”. The NFL Alumni’s secondary objective is to help its own by offering support to former pros experiencing financial or medical hardship.

The National Football League Alumni, Inc. and its affiliate the Northern California Chapter, is a non-profit service organization of former professional football players who work voluntarily on behalf of youth and charity. It was formed as an outgrowth of philanthropic and civic-minded impulses of men who performed at the highest level of the nation’s most popular spectator sport and used that experience as a springboard to success in later life.

Founded in 1967 principally to deal with player welfare issues, the NFL Alumni was reorganized in 1977 as a tax-exempt charitable and educational organization. An IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity, the NFL Alumni has national headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL. and a network of local chapters across the country.

Governing body of the NFL Alumni is a Board of Directors, which includes elected presidents of all chapter affiliates. The chief executive officer is the Executive Director.

The NFL Alumni is a dues-paying membership association. Anyone ever employed by a major-league football team qualifies as a Professional Member. Others who did not play pro football, but who support charitable goals and activities of the organization, are eligible for Associate and Corporate Memberships.

In their voluntary undertakings, members of the NFL Alumni are guided philosophically by the fundamental ideals expressed in their motto: “Caring for Kids.”

One basic objective of the NFL Alumni is to render useful public service by raising funds for worthy causes that, for the most part, are youth-oriented in nature. The primary source of revenue is an annual series of celebrity golf tournaments in which expenses are substantially underwritten by participating corporate sponsors. Proceeds are directed to causes selected by host chapters, as well as to national outreaches. The NFL Alumni further seeks to sustain its benevolence programs by engaging in licensing, direct mail merchandising and other marketing activities compatible with organizational purposes through Pro Legends Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary operated for profit.

A second major objectove of the NFL Alumni is that of fostering development of “youth through sports and sports through youth.” Central to this mission is a sustained commitment to sponsoring wholesome supervises activities where meaningful social interaction can take place between adults and youngsters. The idea is to present prominent and successful athletes as role models. Alumni youth work reaches a high point during Youth of America Week, a celebration observed in conjunction with the opening of each new pro football season.

After helping children who lack the advantages they once had, the NFL Alumni membership turns to a third prime objective – caring for its own. This is accomplished through funding the NFL Alumni Foundation in cooperation with the National League. Commonly called the “Dire Need Fund,” the foundation provides financial assistance to former pros experiencing circumstances of hardship.

In responding to requests for assistance and in initiating projects of its own, the Board of Directors seeks to further the aims of the NFL Alumni’s founding fathers in two distinct ways:

First, the organization maintains a keen awareness of its distinctive origins as an advocate for the rights of former players. As a result, the NFL Alumni encourages and promotes increased benefits for retired players.

Second, the NFL Alumni continues to support those organizations and projects which offer special promise of advancing the quality of life in communities where Alumni chapters are located. The intent is to expand each chapter’s outreach into the community through year-round participation by Alumni members in fund-raising and personal-service programs of other charitable organizations.

National Football League Alumni, Incorporated
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Northern California Chapter
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