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Caring for Kids: It’s Our Mission Beyond the Gridiron

The NFL Alumni is a charitable organization composed of former professional football players guided in their volunteer efforts by the mission statement “Caring for Kids,” and who are dedicated to work on behalf of youth and charity. The Northern California Chapter is based in Redwood City, California, and conducts events at its headquarters office and throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

Youth of America Week Football Clinic Coming August 20th 2017

Youth of America Week - Angel Tree Football Clinic

On August 20th The Northern California Chapter of the NFL Alumni will partner again with Angel Tree Football Clinic and with the help of Redwood City to host over 400 boys and girls at our Youth of America Week Football Clinic. The kids will learn football basics at a free day-long clinic in Redwood City that will be held on the former practice fields of the San Francisco 49ers. The Football Clinic reaches at-risk youth aged 8 to 14 who are bused in from as far away as Sacramento, Fresno, and Salinas.

Their mentors (which number over 60) are former football players and coaches that include many members of the Northern California chapter. The morning training is followed by a luncheon banquet in which words to live by will be passed along by former NFL stars like Eason Ramson and Billie Anderson. In previous clinics Anderson, a former Stanford and 49er football player, has said “The boys are the single focus. At least during this 5-6 hour stretch, they’re the most important people on the planet. These kids have been told they can’t all their lives they’ve been yelled at and have never had enough positive input. So here, you don’t do anything wrong. What you do is you learn. The kids come to learn about football, but many leave with a sense of confidence and self-esteem. How much difference does a day make? One of the boys participating had a brother who was killed in a drive-by shooting. His mother says he barely spoke or smiled for months.” Anderson says she saw him talk and laugh again at the football clinic. Thirteen-year-old Elmer Ramirez of Salinas discovered anything is possible. “You have to follow your dreams and even if you’re not the best, you could follow other things,” Ramirez concluded.

We want to give these children an experience of a lifetime in one day and we believe this important event does that very well.

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